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Synperonic A7 Solution

An alcohol ethoxylate 100% active solution introduced to replace the original 27% active ‘N’ grade which is widely and successfully used for a variety of conservation processes including as a detergent, wetting agent, surfactant, emulsifying and dispersing agent. Synperonic A7 is an alcohol ethoxylate and, like its predecessor ‘Synperonic N’, is a mild detergent generally used for the removal of tar and ground-in grime. In conservation, it has also been used as a wetting agent and to eradicate ground-in stains on a variety of substrates including textiles; paper; chinaware and porcelain; encaustic floor and fireplace tiles; and glass. ‘Synperonic A7’ is readily biodegradable, conforming to EEC directive 82/242.


  • Odour: mild
  • Appearance: white viscous liquid at 20°C
  • Melting point/range: approx. 21°C
  • Boiling temperature: product will be stable up to 120°C
  • Viscosity: 21 mPa.s @ 50°C
  • Auto ignition temperature: 385°C
  • Specific gravity: 0.958 @ 50°C
  • pH 5.66 (in aqueous solution)
  • Solubility in water: soluble > 10g/100g
  • Flashpoint: 198°C (open cup)
  • Soluble in water, ethanol, glycol ethers, chloroform/carbon tetrachloride, vegetable oil. Insoluble in mineral oil.

PTDA Deacidification Solution
Deacidfication treatments for paper, PTDA solutions are nonaqueous treatments for preserving all types of paper and card. They are colourless, safe solutions which can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing and are effective in neutralising existing acidity as they deposit an alkaline reserve throughout the paper which increases the life of documents by several times more than normal. They may also assist in cleaning and will provide a resistance against oxidative attack. They are simple to use, rapid and cost effective and avoid the problems associated with aqueous treatment methods especially as books may be treated whilst bound without any danger of swelling or breakage of the binding. Unlike previous formulations these PTDA solutions do not contain any CFC components, but otherwise the active ingredients remain the same and so in effect they have been in use for more than a decade by leading libraries and institutions throughout Europe, including the British Library and the Bibliotheque Nationale. Papers and documents treated by these solutions have been thoroughly tested by a number of independent institutions.

Vulpex Spirit Soap

(Potassium Methyl Cyclohexyl Oleate)

Non-acid, non-foaming, non-corrosive, nonhazardous, germicidal.

Vulpex liquid soap is a safe cleaner for practically everything from paper to stone.

Since its introduction in 1970, its extraordinary versatility has made Vulpex a popular and indispensable medium in all branches of professional restoration and conservation of fine art objects and historic property.

It has been used with eminent success in the safe and controllable cleaning of materials ranging from feathers, costumery, leather, carpets and furniture to oil paintings, armour, precious metals, shell, marble and stone.

Vulpex attacks and emulsifies dirt, fats, fatty oils, mineral oils, waxes and hydrocarbons with great speed and efficiency. The dirty emulsions are remarkably stable, thus easily disposable. Micro-fine cracks harbouring dirt are subject to a deep-cleansing action rarely achieved with normal commercial cleaners. Compared with harsh, acid-based cleaners, alkaline Vulpex is not harmful to health or property. A final rinse or wipe with clean water neutralises the surface, leaving behind nothing to create future conservation problems.

When the job demands a non-aqueous cleaning system (for example, when removing grime from leather), Vulpex uniquely can be blended with mineral spirit (paint thinner/white spirit) instead of water.

Vulpex is supplied as a dense concentrate and must be diluted before use. For normal aqueous cleaning, one-part Vulpex to six or seven-parts cold tap water (by volume) is sufficient. More water can be added if the soiling is light. As a spirit soap, one-part Vulpex in ten to twenty-parts solvent will be found effective.

Since Vulpex is a highly effective de-greasant, hands should be protected against the loss of natural oils by wearing gloves or the subsequent use of a lanolin hand-cream. Eyes should be protected from splashes.

Care Kits
Four of our popular Renaissance products in compact sizes, ideal for our customers own specialised aftersale care kits. We can supply any or all four products to suit individual needs.

This kit includes: 1 x Renaissance wax 65ml, 1 x Pre-Lim 65ml, 1 x Vulpex Liquid Soap 100ml and 1 x Renaissance Metal De-Corroder 100ml

Wishab Sponge Erasers

Wishab dry sponge erasers are available in three different grades according to the type of surface to be cleaned. Made from a special neutral pH vulcanised latex material.


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Renaissance Care Kits
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