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Timecare Museum Ringbinder Box .

Timecare Museum Ringbinder Box

Style code AB09

Timecare® Museum Ringbinder Box

The ‘Museum’ box has been protecting archival materials since the early 1980’s. These hard wearing, stylish, hand-made boxes offer maximum protection for the storage of especially sensitive material, such as photographic negatives, where the safest possible microclimate is called for. Constructed from acid-free PAT tested Premier™ Archival Board. The box is covered in hard wearing, high quality, black Library Buckram that is moisture and vermin resistant.

Other sizes and colours can be made to special order.

  • Made from Premier Archival boxboard
  • Covered in high quality black Library Buckram
  • Board contains less than 5 parts per million reducible sulphur
  • Board passes the ANSI pH 1.35 Photographic Activity Test
  • Fitted with four post D-ring binder mechanism
  • Colour: Black
  • For full board specification see catalogue p96
  • Suitable for use for long term archival storage of photographs, prints, negatives, transparencies, drawings and other valuable art work


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Timecare Museum Ringbinder Box - Black
Timecare Museum Ringbinder Box - Black
L345xW325xH65mm A4. Ext.size: L345xW325xH65mm
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