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Tyvek Rolls

Tyvek® Rolls Type 1443R and Tyvek Sheets Type 1082D

An inert spun-bonded (non-woven) polyethylene.

Tyvek® is made from spun bonded polyethylene olefin fibres. It has a paper like feel but is stronger than paper and will stretch up to 15-25% before breaking. Unaffected by water and therefore dimensionally stable in humid situations. Tyvek® is a thermoplastic material and melts sharply at 135 degrees centigrade ( 275oF).

Both Tyvek® 1443R & 1082D material have an anti static coating on both sides which can be removed with distilled water. Tyvek is soft and flexible, gas permeable , non abrasive, water proof and dust resistant.

Tyvek® type 1443R fabric-like in appearance, is soft and flexible and it is ideal for making protective covers for museum archive and library objects, it can be converted into bags, cushions, textile covers etc. It is not susceptible to age degradation and has many more uses for conservation and preservation.

Tyvek® type 1082D paper-like in appearance, combines the performance of paper, film and fabric and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as printing, tags, labels, banners and signs.



  • Interleaving
  • Protective cover
  • Hinging
  • Labelling


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Tyvek Roll - White 100mx1524mm. 43grs.
Tyvek Roll - White 100mx1524mm. 43grs.
43gsm, 100mx1524mm. Type 1443R. Fabric-like.
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