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Conservation Light Wall for Maps, Posters and Large Artwork

The PlanoLux™ Conservation Light Wall is based on the CXD anodized aluminum Planorama® and Framorama™ storage and display system. It is a large drawer fitted with fluorescent lights which is then mounted vertically in a Planorama cabinet. The drawer and cabinet are covered by the Framorama™ profile fitted with opalescent acrylic designed to diffuse the light and with glass to make a smooth, scratch resistant working surface for the conservation of large maps, posters or artwork.

The Planorama® drawer can be slid out to facilitate easy changing of the lights. The cabinet is mounted on a support frame which is fitted with guttering to take away water used in the washing and treatment of objects.

Every PlanoLux’ is custom-made, therefore special sizes and modifications can be specified.

PlanoLux’ is normally mounted against a wall but a free-standing unit could be supplied if required.

PlanoLux’ offers a functional, stylish and adaptable solution for large wet treatment conservation studio lighting.

Please click here to contact the CXD projct team for more information.


Conservation of large works on paper: maps, posters and large artwork.

PlanoLux’ can also be supplied for Display and Exhibition use.

Customer Reference sites:

Hull City Archives, Conservation Studio Worcester Library Conservation Studio Glasgow University Library Conservation Studio

PlanoLux’ Standard size: Maximum usable size (illuminated area) 3000 wide x 2000mm high. Overall size of this unit would be: 3070 wide x 300 deep x 2770mm high including plinth which is 700mm high.

NB - PlanoLux’ are made to order therefore please contact the CXD project team for more information