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LEC Flexible (1mm) Light Sheet .

LEC Flexible (1mm) Light Sheet

The new conservation lighting phenomena from Conservation By Design

CeeLite LEC Technology-based lighting products are different from existing lighting sources and represent a separate category of products from anything currently available in the lighting industry.

Conservation By Design identified the uses of CeeLite for conservation and have been appointed by CeeLite as distributors to the conservation community. The super-thin flexible CeeLite sheet is less than 1mm thick, emits no UV radiation and negligible heat whilst lit even when used for hours or days at a time. The unit provides an even light over the whole surface up to 200 candelas/m2 with no dark spots. CeeLiteË LEC panels have a surface hard enough to be worked on and are perfect for many conservation-related tasks. They can be used to view watermarks in books or backlight pages for in situ repairs without damaging the spine. They are ideal for viewing photographic negatives, backlighting and illuminating damaged areas of paintings or textiles and being flexible they can be rolled to fit inside hard-to-reach areas such as costume sleeves or other three-dimensional objects.

As they are so lightweight, they are also quite portable allowing several conservators within an institution to share a light source and use the LEC panel in their own workspace without having to transport fragile objects to a shared light table. They can also be used for long-term exhibition and informational signage lighting.

How the technology works

The technology principles underlying the LEC panels has its genesis in an older proven technology, known as electroluminescence ("EL"). However, the platform LEC technology is distinguished from traditional EL technology in many ways, including the fact that the LEC panels provide whiter light without a blue cast, have a significantly longer life, provide a more uniform illumination across their surface, emit less noise and electromagnetic interference ('EMI'), utilise power inverters to regulate power output and maintain a more constant brightness and contain certain safety features not contained in traditional EL lighting products. Lighting products utilising LED and OLED technologies produce light by combining multiple smaller points of light into a larger light source. The platform LEC technology is distinguished from LED and OLED technologies in that the LEC panels produce a uniform source of light in a single pixel format without multiple points of electrical connection, across a larger flexible area, are visible from a wide angle, are more durable and are not sensitive to vibration. LEC panels also produce light that ensures the colour accuracy of the illuminated surface or object.

Stock and special sizes CeeLiteË LEC panels are available from CXD stock in standard A4 and A3 sheets but can be specified to special order in much larger sizes for use as light tables, light walls and use in frames, showcases or wherever the imagination leads.

CeeLite LEC Regular Stock and Standard Sizes

A4 297 X 210mm (11.7" x 8.3") Regular stock size.
A3 420 X 297mm (16.5" x 11.7") Regular stock size.
A2 594 X 420mm (23.4" x 16.5") Limited availability stock size.
406 X 508mm (16" x 20") Limited availability stock size.
457 X 610mm (18" x 24") Special order.
610 X 610mm (24" x 24") Special order.
559 X 711mm (22" x 28") Special order.
610 X 914mm (24" x 36") Special order.
610 X 1,219mm (24" x 48") Special order.
914 X 1,219mm (36" x 48") Special order.
914 X 1,524mm (36" x 60") Special order.
914 X 1,829mm (36" x 72") Special order.

Other sizes on request.

All CeeLiteË LEC panels come with the appropriate size inverter, proprietary light source, wall socket power cord and are thereby ready for immediate use.