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CXD Discovery High Security Drawer Cabinets

CXD Discovery High Security Drawer Cabinets

These unique conservation display drawer cabinets will give you complete peace of mind over your displayed collection - with easy accessibility for visitors whilst providing high-level security protection.

The CXD Discovery unit is manufactured in steel with a durable powder coated finish. Each cabinet is designed with drawer frames which are loaded with a removable base tray and secure glass cover enabling the contents of the cabinet to be quickly and easily changed. Additional display trays can be supplied, allowing a new display to be prepared remotely, ready to be loaded into the drawer frames for the next exhibition.

CXD Discovery High Security Drawers CXD Discovery High Security Drawers CXD Discovery High Security Drawers


  • Built from steel with a powder coated finish to colour co-ordinate with surrounding décor.
  • Central locking of complete cabinet using Abloy® high security locks.
  • Each drawer frame accommodates a removable and interchangeable smooth base display tray.
  • Removable laminated glass drawer cover with two discrete Abloy® locks.
  • When drawers are fully opened, 100% of the display area is visible.
  • Silicone gasket for controlled air exchange for each drawer.
  • Internal base display tray construction is resistant to water ingress from above.
  • Robust anti-tilt drawer mechanism - allowing only one drawer to be open at a time.
  • High quality drawer slides with security system to prevent unauthorised removal of drawers from cabinet.
  • Fully accessible for display tray loading, unloading, cleaning and maintenance.


  • Handles - different styles, materials and colours
  • Drawer fronts - steel, wood, mdf etc.
  • Variety of label holders
  • Locking - different levels of key security available
  • Limit switch mounting for internal display lighting
  • Bespoke build - sizes to your specifications Bespoke drawer liners and inserts made to order using in house CAD cutting service
  • Plastazote®
  • Charcoal MattingTM
  • Corrosion Intercept® foam
  • Timecare® Museum mount board