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The Studio Furniture System

The Studio Furniture System

This range of furniture has been designed especially for graphic arts and conservation studios. It consists of fixed and height-adjustable worktables, light-tables, storage drawers and cabinets. They are made from heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel and have worktops normally made from Trespa which is a hard-working laboratoryrated material that is durable and easy to clean. Other surfaces such as Corian or Hardwood can be specified if preferred. The standard CXD Studio cabinets come in a variety of widths and depths which can be specified with drawers, shelves or a mixture of both. If required, the drawers can have locks and anti-tilt mechanisms. Cabinets can have wheels if required and can be fitted beneath the standard-height Studio Worktables.

Heavy load drawer range

The VX drawer range stands apart from other steel plan chests offering larger sizes and 200kg loading with no sagging. The exceptional weight loading of these drawers was originally developed for holding zinc printing plates but they have proved ideal for storing large and heavy archival boxboard or mounting board. Standing on telescopic legs the working height is adjustable between 800 and 1000mm. The runners operate smoothly on heavy duty roller ball bearings for ease of opening and closing even with a heavy loading. STUDIO VX units come with 9 drawers, each with a 50mm internal height.

There are 9 sizes ranging from VX 01 with outside dimensions of width 860 x depth 630 mm to VX 09 width 1960 x 1430 mm.

Studio Range - Worktables, Fixed and Height-Adjustable

Standard worktables are available in widths of 700mm to 2400mm, depths of 700mm to 1200mm and heights of 800, 900 and 1000mm.

To meet the needs of conservators, bespoke worktables are available with options of size, weight-loading and height-adjustability. They are offered as standard with laboratory-rated Trespa, which is resistant to most chemicals used in conservation treatments.

Available in sizes up to 3 x 2m with a choice of fixed, manually or electronically adjustable height so that users can alter the table to suit their natural working position and ensure that delicate treatments can be done with the utmost care. The manually adjustable tables are positioned by means of a rotary handle, whereas the electronic version can be adjusted either by a small button mounted on the table or by remote control.

These tables are suitable for evenly distributed weight-loading of up to 130kg, with the option of increasing the loading to 250kg.

Within these units, CXD are able to offer a range of bespoke options such as inset light boxes using fluorescent tubes, LED lights or CeeLite 1mm light sheets to make the maximum use of your table surface.

A demonstration model with remote control is available to view on request, please contact CXD for further information.

Studio Range - Drawer and Shelf Cabinets

Studio drawer and shelf cabinets are divided into 15 parts thus allowing shelves or drawers of various heights to be incorporated into a single cabinet. They are available in widths of 700, 800, 900 and 1000mm and depths of 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1100mm and heights of 550 to 1000mm to either sit flush to or beneath the range of complimentary Studio work tables. Cabinets can be fitted with wheels and locks if required.

CXD Studio Drawer Units

Studio Range - Shelf Cabinets with Doors

Studio shelf cabinets with doors are supplied with one shelf which can be fitted into any one of the 15 pre-punched divisions. Extra shelves can be ordered. They are available in widths of 500, 600, 700, 900 and 1200mm and depths of 700 and 900mm and heights of 550 to 1000mm to either sit flush to or beneath the range of complimentary Studio work tables. Cabinets can be fitted with wheels if required.

For more information please use the enquiry form to contact CXD.