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Display Furniture

Display Furniture

CXD Glass Top Display Drawers

CXD custom made, glass top display drawers are typically manufactured from steel with a durable powder coat finish. Drawers can be finished with wooden fronts and liners made from Zero Formaldehyde (ZF) MDF with Baumann cloth coverings, activated charcoal or Plastazote, which can be routed out to securely house delicate objects.

Each of these display drawers are bespoke and made to fulfil the concept of the designer or client.

For Open Access and Reserve Collections

Planorama Drawer and Display UnitThere has been a growing demand for making collections more accessible and CXD have responded to this with a wide range of product solutions ranging from secure visible storage drawers to reserve collection showcases. The criteria for reserve collection storage can be very different to normal gallery display. For example, visible storage of reserve collections needs to store as well as display and will contain many more objects. Delicate museum objects in public access drawers need to be cushioned against vibration caused by careless opening and closing of the drawers. Access to the contents of the drawers should be difficult for the public but easy for the curator. Reserve collection showcases should be solid and functional and sealed to the required conservation standard against dust and humidity.

CXD Planorama® Glass Top cabinet and display drawers

Planorama® anodised aluminium drawer cabinets can be converted by the addition of a special profile designed to allow the top drawer of a cabinet to be used as a showcase. This unique profile is known as Frameorama™, it was designed to accommodate laminated glass or plastic up to a thickness of 11.5mm for high security display. It is a stylish profile which can be transformed by the addition of insert plates of different colours or finishes.

Planorama® drawers can be covered in various ways with glass, polycarbonate or acrylic including Tru-Vue, Optium® Museum which is lightweight, non reflective, UV blocking quality and scratch resistant. The drawers can be lined or provided with a variety of fittings to secure the objects displayed.

Planorama Glass Top Display Unit

CXD Electronically Operated, Push Button

High Security Drawer Cabinets
The electronically operated conservation display drawer cabinets are smooth fronted, without handles so they cannot be opened/ closed too quickly or forcibly by those that may not know or appreciate the delicate nature of their contents. The drawer electronic regulator ensures opening starts and stops slowly so that the enclosed objects are protected against shock or vibration. The guided opening and closing mechanism prevents lateral vibration.
Designed so that only one drawer can be open at a time.