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JVC Digital Storage System .

JVC Digital Storage System

A complete system for archiving and migration of digital media onto JVC Archive Grade DVD-R designed to meet ISO standards ISO/IEC10995 and ISO/IEC29121. These standards are concerned with test methodology and safe long-term storage respectively.

The system includes; high quality silver alloy disc, enhanced equipment for recording to minimise the initial error rate and error rate-checking device.


1. JVC Advanced Media Archival Grade DVD-R

  • Passed ISO/IEC10995*1 test by an independent testing institute
  • Employs uniquely developed Žspecial alloy on the silver based reflective layer to maintain suitable reflectivity which enables long-term storage

2. Archival Drives

  • Specially engineered firmware to optimise JVC Archival grade media to minimise the occurrence of initi al errors
  • A self-diagnostic function prevents drives from running in poor conditions and verifies proper drive operation

3. Error Checkers

  • Easy error checking to understand data condition
  • The test result is indicated in accordance with the data migrati on standard for long-term storage of electronic documents ISO/IEC29121*2

*1 ISO/IEC10995: International standard defi ning the test method to est mate DVD-R longevity
*2 ISO/IEC29121: International standard defining a safe level of error rate at the time of writing and during storage