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Premier’ Microfiche Topless Wallet .

Premier’ Microfiche Topless Wallet

Style code CF02

Premier™ Microfiche Topless Wallet

Microfiche Topless Wallet with two glued outer seams, landscape format open on the top long edge. Designed for storage of microfiche, this wallet is suitable for our Premier Duo’ Microfiche Box (page 34). Made from our 120gsm White Heritage Archival pHotokraft™ Paper.


  • Acid-free
  • Lignin-free
  • Colours: White as standard
  • Also available in Neutral Grey, Taupe, Duke Parchment or Duplex Neutral Grey/White, prices on application
  • White is available in buffered or unbuffered.
  • Unbuffered White is available in 90, 120, 170 and 230gsm
  • The ŒL Wallet can also be made from pHoton’ 100% cotton high-purity papers, prices on application


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Premier Microfiche Topless Wallet
Premier Microfiche Topless Wallet
160 x 110mm
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