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Chartpak Roll Storage

Chartpak Roll Storage

Inert polypropylene plastic tubes for the storage of maps, plans and materials housed in roll form. The static-free polypropylene units with end-pieces in place are dust and waterproof and the easy grip aids handling. The unique Chartpak design prevents discolouration or fade-damage from UV tubes. Available in two diameters and can be lengthened by using additional spacer pieces to extend the tube length as required. Should the tube be too long, simply remove a spacer until you have the correct length. Independent tests have established that the Chartpak system has a neutral range pH and does not contain any additives that might migrate at any point in the future.


  • Inert polypropylene
  • Supplied ready-assembled
  • Neutral pH
  • UV protection
  • Static-free polypropylene units
  • Available in two diameters
  • Additional spacer pieces
  • Colour: Grey


    Suitable for storage of maps, plans and materials housed in roll form