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KnoOx’ 1000 Optical Oxygen Analyser System .

KnoOx’ 1000 Optical Oxygen Analyser System

OxySense is the first non-invasive oxygen measurement system for sealed enclosures such as ArchiPress, Escal Neo or other barrier bags. It is an optical system that can non-invasively measure oxygen concentration within packages that are transparent, semitransparent, and translucent; and as long as the packaging material can transmit blue and red light (at approximately 470nm and 610nm respectively), a measurement can be made.

This system allows the production of bar codes, which can be scanned by the portable KnoOx 1000 to uniquely identify the object and record the oxygen level with minimum disturbance to the items being stored.

The technology relies on The Oxy2Dot, which is a non-invasive, light-sensitive, oxygen sensor that is placed into the barrier bag prior to putting documents or objects in. Measurements are achieved simply with a fibre-optic reader pen from outside the package. All software required is included and is easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.


  • Gas O2 operating range 0-30%
  • Temperature range 0-60°C
  • Lower detection limits 0.03% (300ppm)
  • Accuracy 5% of the reading


  • Rechargeable long-life battery
  • Real-time measurement and control
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy-user calibration
  • Barcode sample tracker
  • Software
  • Automatic data-logging


  • Verify and monitor low O2 environments
  • Ideal for specimen conservation
  • Ideal for monitoring case and frame O2 environments
  • Measure, monitor and log thousands of specimens and cases with a single instrument
  • Take the instrument to the work
  • Minimal operating cost


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KnoOx 6000 Oxygen Analyser System
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KnoOx OxyDot P-Oxygen Sensitive Dots
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KnoOx OxyDot Application Kit
KnoOx OxyDot Application Kit
Vacuum Pen, Extensions & Adhesive
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