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LOG-HC2 Universal Data-Logger .

LOG-HC2 Universal Data-Logger

LOG-HC2 Universal Data-Logger

The rugged and compact data-logger measures and records temperature, humidity, air pressure, illuminance and 3-axis acceleration/ position simultaneously. The 3-axis acceleration measurement can be used to identify if/when there has been movement, including when a packaged object is dropped during transportation. This combination of measurements within a datalogger with a housing designed for mounting into cabinets, industrial rails etc, makes this a perfect device for use when transporting valuable artwork or objects.

A four-line LCD with backlight and a rechargeable battery ensures maximum performance combined with high ease of use. For mounting in switch cabinets and industrial environments, the logger can be attached to a DIN top-hat rail.

This device can also be used in conjunction with Rotronic interchangeable Miniature and Flush Mount probes for use in CXD Museum Showcases, or other applications where precise, unobtrusive measurement and logging are required. Please contact CXD for more information.


  • 2,000,000 data point memory
  • Operating range of electronics (the measurement range is probe dependent) -20Á65 °C, 0Á95 % RH
  • Power supply: rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 2,300 mAh for long-term recording, chargeable via USB cable or mains power adapter
  • PC software for data evaluation and logger configuration
  • Typical battery life: 535 days - Logging interval: 1s - 12h - Measured parameters: 2 x humidity and temperature, air pressure, light and axis acceleration
  • Dimensions: 61 x 77 x 36mm