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Chemicals, Solvents and Cleaning Fluids:

Archival Aids - Chemikit Paper Testing Kit

A complete kit of materials for paper testing. Contents include sufficient chemicals in easy-to-use dropping bottles to determine presence of lignin, acid, starch, alum and alum rosin size in paper. A set of instructions are supplied. A bespoke carry case is available for safe storage and transportation of the kit.

Contents 25ml each:

  • Phloroglucinol
  • Iodine
  • Chlorophenol
  • Aluminon
  • Sugar water
  • Sulphuric acid


    The following spot tests can be carried out simply without the need for any specialised equipment. Always remember that the tests will stain the paper and so should be carried out on a scrap piece or in the margin.


1. Groundwood (lignin)
Apply one spot of Phloroglucinol. If present, will turn a deep purple.

2. Starch
Apply one spot of Iodine. Turns blue in the presence of starch.

3. Acidity
Apply one drop of Chlorophenol, which will turn yellow if acid, purple if alkaline.

4. Alum test
Apply one spot of sugar water. If present, will turn a very bright deep pink.

5. Alum Rosin size
Apply one spot of sugar water. Wipe off excess liquid and add one spot of sulphuric acid. If present turns pink. Caution: This test should be carried out very carefully as sulphuric acid can cause serious burns to the skin and will damage clothes etc. If in contact with skin or eyes, drench with water thoroughly. Apply magnesia paste if burn is serious. If swallowed, wash mouth out thoroughly with water, drink plenty of water followed by milk of magnesia. Seek medical attention.

Archival Aids - Epoxy Disintegrator

A volatile, non-flammable solvent formulation of our own manufacture. It is of low toxicity, designed for the dismantling of epoxy resin joints. Prolonged immersion causes the epoxy resin to soften and swell, allowing the pieces to be taken apart.

Care must be taken with decorated ceramics, as it will remove gilding and may attack other decorations.

Archival Aids - Benzotriazole, Pure

A vapour phase inhibitor for copper and its alloys. A 3% solution of benzotriazole in industrial methylated spirit or water is used for the stabilisation of copper and bronze, suffering from bronze disease.

Further information available.


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