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Kasemake CXD Bespoke Box Making System

Kasemake CXD Bespoke Box Making System

The Conservators Choice

In 1992 Conservation By Design produced the first bespoke Premier™ Archival Solidcore boxes made on a Kasemake computer aided design and boxmaking machine. In 1996 CXD sold the first European system for in-house customer use to the National Library of Scotland.

Since that time the Kasemake CXD and Premier™ Archival Boxboard range has established itself as the conservator’s choice in libraries and archives worldwide and liberated their imaginations to create unique custom made preservation solutions.

Kasemake CXD software is based upon the Windows® operating system which makes a highly complex and powerful tool quick and easy to learn by new users.


The software contains an extensive library of designs conforming to the international standards for both solid board (ECMA) and corrugated board (FEFCO). Using the Kasemake CXD software, box designs from these libraries can be manipulated and sampled to create new designs as required. In addition an extensive and ever growing library of designs created specifically for the conservation of books and archive documents is included in the package. The Kasemake CXD Library and Archive user group also share designs and knowledge of the system.


The creasing and cutting table comes in two models; ‘The Library and Archive Mini Grand’ and ‘The Library and Archive Grand’ which differ only in the working area; 1700 x 1300mm and 2500 x 1600mm respectively. Both tables provide the same accurate cutting and unmatched creasing of CXD Premier™ Solidcore and Corrugated boxboard. Kasemake CXD offers one tool carriage as standard which carries two cutting knives a creasing tool and a plotting pen.


There are two knives because the ‘Tangential Drag Knife’ is designed for use with solid core board and the ‘Electric Oscillating Knife’ is for corrugated board and foam up to 15mm thick.

At the heart of the Kasemake CXD is the ‘Tangential Creasing Tool’ which is driven by powerful servo motors that ensure enough pressure is delivered to the creasing wheel.

This power is needed to ensure that Archival Solidcore board folds well with minimum cracking along the creases.

The plotting pen uses a bleed proof and lightfast black ink.

For more information or to request a formal quotation please us the enquiry form to contact us.


  • Maximum speed: 600mm/sec
  • Precision: = 0.1mm
    Dedicated PC required to be used as the machine controller, can be supplied on request.

Electrical and Air Requirements

  • Machine: 1x single phase 220V 50Hz 1.5KW
  • Vacuum Fan: 1x three phase 380V 50Hz 5.5KW

Compressed Air Requirements

  • Pressure: 7-8 Bar, (100-120PSI,)
  • Flow: 3.5cfm (170 litres/min)

      Optional Compressor
      Compressed air supply required for the sample tables which can be supplied by CXD as required

      • 1 x Electric Oscillating Knife (capable of cutting up to 15mm corrugated) 
      • 1 x Tangential Creasing Tool
      • 1 x Tangential Drag Knife
      • Manual depth adjustment for cutting/creasing
      • Differential creasing pressure (cross flute and along flute)
      • 3 Creasing tools suitable for corrugated board
      • 2 Creasing tools suitable for carton board
      • 1 x Pen Tool, allows plotting onto die-board, film, etc
      • Laser Pointer to help register jobs
      • Vacuum-hold to secure sheet while cutting (3 zones)
      • Servo motors on X, Y and C axes

24-month parts Warranty.

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  • Boxes
  • Folders
  • Envelopes