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‘Let future generations know tomorrow what you did today’ Store and record your memories of the 21st Century in a time capsule made to last hundreds of years. Constructed in 4mm stainless steel, marine grade (316 specification). Closed lid sealed via 18 x 10mm stainless steel bolts with gaskets to ensure a good seal.

The outside of the capsule has a bright colour powder-coated finish to assist in identification when being unearthed. Time Capsules are manufactured in four sizes.

The RP system takes oxygen levels lower than simply flushing the capsule with Nitrogen or Argon gas and it continues to work scavenging oxygen from within the object. Pollution scavengers within the RP system will clean the atmosphere of harmful degradation by-products given off by the objects being stored for future generations to enjoy.

To further protect and conserve objects from harmful gasses within the capsule, we offer a number of other highly effective products for air purification and for corrosion protection; charcoal cloth®, charcoal felt™ plus the unique copper based Intercept Technology®.