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Vacuum Packing

Vacuum Sealing Machines remove the air from a bag,sometimes replacing it with inert Nitrogen, then hermetically seal the package to give long-term oxygen free protection for the contents. For operator safety CXD offer an exhaust which allows a hose to be attached to extract dangerous mould spores that can be present when dealing with old, wet or damaged texts.

Operator Safety

CXD Vacuum-Sealing Machines remove the air from a bag, sometimes replacing it with inert nitrogen, then hermetically seal the package to give long-term, oxygen-free protection for the contents. Two types of machine are offered, Chamber and Vacuum Impulse. For operator safety CXD offer an exhaust which allows a hose to be attached to extract dangerous mould spores that can be present when used for Squelch Drying water-damaged documents.


High oxygen barrier enclosures like ArchiPress pouches give the conservator a new weapon in the struggle to resist the persistent decay caused by time, pests and disasters. The strong air and watertight pouches give additional protection against acidity, atmospheric pollution, floods, fire extinguishers, damp, mould, mildew, insects, vermin, careless handling and damage in transit. Anoxic enclosures are used for pest eradication, disaster recovery and ‘Squelch’ drying and to slow down oxidation and damage from UV light.

Space saving

Compared to conventional envelope storage, vacuum storage has the advantage of saving between 40 to 50% of shelf space for the same volume of documents and could effectively double the capacity of an archive’s shelving without the addition of a single extra shelf.


The special vacuum-sealed pouches protect their contents against unauthorised access to security documents. The opening of pouches cannot go unnoticed and requires the use of an ArchiPress machine to re-seal them. The pouches can also be printed with corporate logos and security or data retrieval information. In addition, coded seals can be supplied that fit in to the machines effectively branding information into the weld.

Squelch Drying

In 1997 Stuart Welch invented a method of drying wet books and paper document called "Squelch Drying" using a system onvacuum packing. Following rapid support from the British Council the system is being used on a larege scale to recover water damaged books and documents from the Prague flood of 2002.

Please download the PowerPoint presentation to view this in action. Please note this file is quite large (45Mb).

CXD Vacuum Chamber Machines

Vacuum Chamber Machine Options

Gas Flushing

This gives a very low residual oxygen percentage by displacing the residual oxygen with an inert gas such as nitrogen after the initial vacuum has been formed then sealing once the desired volume of gas is reached. As a result the object is no longer under vacuum pressure.

Code Seal Security

Text can be imprinted in the seal area that may be useful to impart a message or the institutions name. The seal can be removed and locked away until the machine is next used. Also available for CXD Vacuum Impulse Sealer VIC 1000


Soft-air is the ideal function to enable fragile items to be packed without damage. The air enters the vacuum chamber very gently after the sealing process giving the vacuum bag time to form around the fragile or sharp product


When it is important to obtain an exact level of vacuum or gas pressure CXD recommend the use of a sensor. The standard machine normally relies on a time cycle for the vacuum and gas levels, which is accurate enough for most applications. However, when dealing with products that vary in volume or density, a built-in sensor ensures that each package is under the same level of vacuum to ensure consistency of pressure.


Occasionally it may be necessary to have a repeated sequence of vacuuming and gassing. The multi-cycles option makes this possible with up to 8 processes in one cycle. It is not possible to combine the multi-cycle with the sensor option.

CXD Vacuum Impulse Sealer

Both sealing bars are heated and can be positioned vertically and horizontally with four positions in between, to suit the working position. The machine is supplied with a 5m3/hr vacuum pump and a water discharge system and is mounted on wheels for manoeuvrability.


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