Celebrating Twenty One years of service

In September we celebrated our 21st Anniversary as the industry's leading conservation storage and display expert by hosting a day of intimate and informal seminars at our Bedford-based manufacturing facilities.

On 11th September we welcomed a delegation of more than 75 museum, gallery and library professionals from across the UK for a series of free seminar talks given by a specially invited panel of key industry insiders.

With subject matters including anoxic storage, paper forgery, the use of vacuum equipment and phase boxing, the event addressed many of the major discoveries that have influenced the conservation sector over the course of the last 21 years.

The feedback we had from delegates and speakers was overwhelming, and we remain extremely humbled by the support from people throughout the industry, not just during this event but over the course of the last 21 years. We are delighted to have been able to give something back by welcoming so many inspirational professionals to our celebrations.

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21st Anniversary Seminar in Pictures


Our 11 Guest Speakers

Nicholas Burnett

Nicholas Burnett

Construction of an Inexpensive Ultra Sonic Mister for use with Consolidants by Nicholas Burnett, Museum Conservation Services

Piers Townshend

Piers Townshend

Recent work by Piers Townshend, Tate

Joanna Kosek

Joanna Kosek

Mount Board and the Preservation of Pictorial Art on Paper by Joanna M Kosek, British Museum

Peter Bower
Peter Bower

Peter Bower

Fakes and forgeries - The Art of Deception by Peter Bower, Paper History and Analysis

Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Developing Anoxia. Developments and Barriers by Chris Collins, Natural History Museum

Tony King

Tony King

Packaging Archives - The development and use of Lydamore boxes and medieval deed folders a Essex Record Office by Tony King, Essex Record Office.

Alan Buchanan

Alan Buchanan

The Use of Vacuum in Paper Conservation by Alan Buchanan, Private Conservator

Christopher Clarkson

Christopher Clarkson

History of Phase Boxing and the Early Days of Commercial Archival Boxing by Christopher Clarkson, Freelance Conservator

Edward Adcock

Edward Adcock

CXD and the University of Oxford, by Edward Adcock, University of Oxford

Nicholas Pickwoad

Nicholas Pickwoad

Giving Support on The Shelf: The History, Development & Construction of The Book Shoe by Nicholas Pickwoad, The ligatus Research Centre, University of the Arts, London.

Caroline Bendix

Caroline Bendix

Supporting Books on the Shelf by Caroline Bendix, Bendix Library Conservation

Hear what our delegates and speakers thought

A selection of some of the very kind comments from visiting delegates and speakers following their visit to CXD

"A brilliant day. The organisation, especially the timetabled badges, was brilliant and I enjoyed meeting old friends & putting names to faces in your team. The range of speakers was good and I was particularly delighted to be able to listen to my first talk from Chris Clarkson. Happy Birthday CXD"

David Westwood
Exhibitions and Maintenance Conservator
Royal Collection Trust, Windsor

"From the moment I arrived until the time I left the hospitality shown was overwhelming. The presentations were excellent and a wonderful opportunity to see old and new faces and discuss materials and equipment used in conservation."

John Mumford
Director of Manuscript Conservation
Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation & Dar al-Kutub Manuscript Project, Egypt

"What a great day! The organisation was so impressive and every paper was so good. It was especially wonderful to see the impact CXD-Arqadia has made on our lives - not only the products but also the feeling of belonging to a great and supportive family. There was a real warmth and sense of camaraderie throughout the group. It's clear that CXD has done a lot to bring us together and keep us in contact. There was also a feeling that the great success of the company and its future, reflected on all of us - that we'd had a share in it. Thank you Stuart, and thank you all of the team at CXD-Arqadia for all your effort."

Cheryl Porter
Montefiascone Project
Library of Alexandria, Egypt

"I greatly enjoyed visiting you yesterday. It was such a wonderful CXD 21st Birthday Seminar. The event was so well organized and had such a happy atmosphere, with you looking after us so well. It was a pleasure to attend and I learnt so much from it.

I liked the way we were divided into groups and the list on the back of our name cards was a brilliant idea! The talks were all excellent; interesting and varied and the sense of loyalty to the company was genuine and impressive.

It was helpful to learn about new products, especially the ultra-thin pockets, and to see a vacuum machine in operation. However, I liked the way that the day was more of a tribute to CXD and we were given a sense of its history. All the speakers were passionate about their subject and a delight to listen to.

I found the tour fascinating. All the staff were kind and helpful. I enjoyed meeting the other Seminar attendees and the interesting discussions and connections that arose from the day. The time just flew past and it was so stimulating and encouraging to hear about all the conservation work going on in all different institutions, all thanks to CXD!

The food was delicious. The cake was such fun and most appropriate, and it tasted good too. I am not sure I have ever eaten that colour icing before!

It was kind of you to arrange taxis for us all at the end, and everyone on the train back to London seemed to have enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Thank you for the useful 'Goody Bag', which I have shared with my work colleagues. Please thank all concerned with arranging the day. I could not have enjoyed it more and my only criticism is that the talks and demonstrations had to be cut short to keep to the schedule, but this is really a compliment not a criticism!"

Jenny Kallin
Bishopsgate Institute, London

"You had obviously all worked really hard to make it a success and I think everyone enjoyed it. I came back to Scotland with a list of things for us to think about, which is always good!"

Dr Isobel Griffin ACR
Collections Care Manager
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

"It was great fun and I enjoyed all the seminars, talks and visits enormously as well as the delicious eats you provided throughout the day and the very special birthday cake! It was so nice to meet so many old friends and colleagues and catch up on news, and to get to know your sales, office and warehouse staff who couldnt have been more friendly and welcoming.

With very many thanks to you all for a splendid day and your most kind and generous hospitality."

Claire Prince, ACR
Freelance Book Conservator

"Many thanks for the wonderful party box, which I finally opened yesterday. Presumably the contents were selected especially for each delegate, as I loved everything in mine! It was such a happy and beautifully-organised day and I'm so glad to have been part of it."

Caroline Bendix, ACR
Independent Library Conservator

"Such a jolly, happy, beautifully organised event! THANK YOU!"

Stefania Signorello
The Wellcome Library, The Wellcome Trust

P.S. What a very stylish gift you send us home with!

"I wish to congratulate you and the entire team that put together the wonderful seminar, organized to perfection all the way to the taxi taking us back to the train station, which had been paid for by CXD."

Éléonore Kissel
Conseil en préservation des biens culturels, Paris

"What a fantastic 21st party for CXD ! It was great to see your premises again & see how things are developing. The talks were really interesting, the food superb & the goody bags brilliant ! Your team must have worked so hard at putting it all together. I would have paid to come! "

Elizabeth Bradshaw
Cambridge Conservation Consortium, Cambridge

"Thank you so much for a brilliant day of talks, tours and eating!! Elizabeth and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it was wonderful to get an opportunity to chat with the CxD team and lots of conservation colleagues we'd not seen for quite a while. Congratulations for a splendid day and we hope you have many more birthday events. "

Bridget Warrington
Book and Manuscript Conservator
Cambridge Colleges' Conservation Consortium, Cambridge

"Thank you very much to one and all for a fantastic day. The welcome and hospitality was superb, and the content was very informative and educational. It was also a great occasion to network with fellow Conservators which is always a constructive and positive activity. "

Huw Bonner ARA Cons Cert
Swyddog Cadwraeth / Conservation Officer
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru/National Library of Wales

"It was magnificent in so many ways - organisation in every detail as well as substantial presentations which will be very useful to me for my work. The visit round the show rooms and factory were also excellent. I am not sure why it has taken me so long to visit you after so many years, but I am really glad I did. Thank you for including me in your 21st birthday celebrations. "

Megan Gent
Paper Conservator (Archives)
Royal Collection Trust, Windsor

"Thank you everyone at CXD for such a wonderful day. Both Lara and I found the seminars and tours very interesting and the hospitality put on by CXD was first class."

Happy Birthday CXD - heres to the next 21 years.

Yvette A Fletcher BA Hons, MA, ACR
Head of Conservation
The Leather Conservation Centre, Northampton

"Thank you so much for organising such a delightful celebration yesterday. It was so much appreciated."

Peter Bower
Paper History and Analysis, London

"Thank you for your warm hospitality & great day. Please organise it again!!!! Happy Anniversary!!"

Georgia Vossou
City of Westminster Archives Centre, London

"How refreshing it is to attend such a well run and organized day. The papers were informative and new too. I learnt a lot. I am stealing the idea of the delegates location from the back of the badges, very clever. I think we would all agree that reaching 21 as a company, and such a specialized company is no mean feat. It was nice to put faces to names at the company. It looks like exciting times for Conservation by Design, and I hope the conservation profession as a whole can take a leaf out of your 'hand made paper ' book and to adapt and change to meet the needs of the profession."

Caroline Checkley-Scott
John Rylands University Library, Manchester

"A big Thank You for inviting me to the CXD seminar last week. Hugely enjoyable and informative."

Vicki Manners
The Panacea Museum, Bedford

"Please pass on my gratitude for the wonderful day last week."

Eleni Katsiani
Lecturer Conservation
Camberwell College of Arts, London

"The event was brilliant. All very fascinating talks, more like these should be carried out, so conservators from all around could meet up and exchange knowledge in a less formal environment than usual, which made a very nice change."

Rosalind Bos
Britain from Above Conservator

"Thank you all very much for a most enjoyable and informative day last Wednesday. It was a lovely celebration and it is a very long time since I have been to a party and received a "going home" present. A big thank you to all involved and my very best wishes for the next 21 years!"

Celia Withycombe.
Oxford Conservation Consortium, Oxford

"The welcome and hospitality was superb, the food was fantastic and the whole thing ran like clockwork. So well organised and it was also a great occasion to network with fellow Conservators."

Rebecca Donnan
Dorset History Centre, Dorset

"A fantastic day! Good to have a variety of demonstrations and talks. My highlights were the factory tour and the talk on Fakes and Forgeries. All the team were so helpful and accommodating, the food and refreshments were excellent and I loved the delegate pack."

Sally Johnson
Collections Conservator, English Heritage