Planorama ®

The bespoke Planorama drawer cabinets are manufactured by hand in our Milton Keynes factory. The patented design allows the construction of previously impossible large drawers, capable of storing items such as military colours, flags, textiles, plans, drawings, posters and museum artefacts. The lightweight modular design has allowed installation in difficult locations.

First delivered to the Utrecht State Record Office in 1970; this was acknowledged as being a revolutionary advance in archival storage. Lightweight and incredibly space efficient, they are formed exclusively from conservation grade materials, including unique aluminium profiles from which drawers can be produced as thin as 10mm for coins or large enough to store ships flags at 4 x 5 metres.

To the right of this page find links for downloading our Planorama brochure and viewing a list of previous work, some with links to relevant case studies. Below please see a gallery of selected images, which include close-up shots to illustrate the quality and care given during their handmade manufacture.

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We have stored our theatre designs, posters and other artwork in Planorama cabinets for over 15 years. We cannot speak highly enough of this product. Planorama cabinets are a stylish and compact way of meeting our conservation requirements for these larger-size visual items.

Rosy Runciman, Archivist
Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

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