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The wide range of books found in collections can include modern paperbacks, cloth-bound hardbacks, leather bindings or parchment-covered books. Books come in all shapes and sizes and may be rare or ephemeral. Some are in everyday use, whilst others may seldom be looked at. They may have considerable personal or financial value to you as owner, collector or curator.

Books are made from a variety of materials, most of which are natural products. The paper, boards and thread of a book are commonly composed of cellulose, a plant material. The covers can be made from a wider variety of materials, including skin products such as leather or parchment, textiles or plastic. Some of these materials are of good, durable quality but others have inherent weaknesses and tend to degrade, especially if their storage or display conditions are poor or if they have received heavy use.

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Clarkson Book Support System - Small
Item No. SUCBSS0001
370 x 225