Environmental Policy

Conservation by Design Limited recognises that our activities have an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to consider and minimise these impacts, where possible, throughout our activities.

We have identified the main priority areas where we intend, where practicable, to minimise our impacts. The priority areas are:

  • Make efficient use of materials and minimise the waste generated from our activities;
  • Prevent pollution occurring at our work sites;
  • Ensure that the natural habitat and environment is protected throughout the work process.

We will set objectives and targets, where appropriate, for our most significant impact areas and will monitor and review our performance against these. In addition, we will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure its relevance.

We understand that our customers are interested in how we manage our impact on the environment and how we are performing. We will openly communicate on environmental issues with interested parties and report on progress at regular intervals. We also intend to ensure our employees are aware of our environmental impacts and their role in managing them, particularly for potential instances of pollution at our sites.

This policy is implemented and monitored by the Managing Director and representatives from across the company. The Environmental Committee will review progress against our objectives on a frequent basis and will ensure that our approach is fully coordinated with other organisational policies and initiatives.