Planorama Storage Systems

Planorama® from Conservation By Design Limited, acknowledged leader in the field of conservation materials and methods, is a contemporary storage furniture and display system that combines innovation, creative design, cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship - offering greater flexibility over standard plan chests.

Introduced in the 1970s to the Dutch National Archive, the Planorama® drawer system with its revolutionary patented polyester drawer base was initially developed to assist in the preservation of cultural objects in their original condition.The removable drawers allow the user to study and document items, without unnecessary handling.

Today’s Planorama® storage furniture and display applications are more wide-ranging and now encompass museums, archives, libraries, art galleries, specialist retailers and corporate clients. Hand built by craftsmen, the Planorama® aluminium drawer storage system is still bespoke and designed particularly to meet your own requirements. The engineering materials used in its construction are exclusive to Planorama® and the anodised aluminium extrusions give a contemporary, elegant and stylish appearance to these tailor made cabinets.

The service ethos starts as soon as you contact us, as a bespoke item each Planorama® is designed and built to the customer’s individual specification, whether it is used purely for long term storage, a showcase for display or as workshop/studio furniture. As part of the specification process a detailed drawing is always prepared for your approval before commencing the scheduling of materials and production. This ensures successful project implementation and helps to give you a realistic delivery timetable.

Unlike mass produced conventional steel furniture cabinet production, technicians hand-build each cabinet and drawer to a fine tolerance and finally the whole unit is tested to ensure smooth operation. This process ensures long term reliability of the unit and real user satisfaction.

In more than 15 years of attending to conservation needs from all over the world Conservation By Design has carved out an unrivalled reputation with the experience and passion to tackle any storage need with skill and attention to detail.

Arrangements can be made to install the Planorama® unit, if required. Perhaps you have a specific weight loading on your floor or difficult access? Need installation outside normal working hours? Or have special security needs? Whatever your requirements Conservation By Design are willing to help.

Planorama® is a fundamental product within the Conservation By Design portfolio and encompasses all the company’s core values, which are caring for customers, innovative thinking and excellence in design, products and service.

For more information and quotations please contact Robert Campbell on +44 (0) 1234 846352

Alternatively you can complete our online Planorama Questionnaire which will help frame your precise requirements. Once complete a member of our showcase team will be in touch.


A selection of previous Planorama installations. Listings include a brief description, drawer size and application detail. Please let us know if you would like to visit an existing installation and we will make arrangements for you to view cabinets that are similar to your own requirements.
British Museum 
World Conservation 
& Exhibition Centre

British Museum 
Hirayama Studio

Musashino University Art 
Museum & Library

Worcester College