How does your product search work and how are the results organised?

Navigation Products are organised so that customers can easily navigate to any product using either the top menu which is organised by the product type, same as the catalogue.

The left hand side menu groups products by application such as Oxygen Free Storage to make finding products and information easy as possible.

Searching the website 

The website searching is very advanced to make sure your time is spent using the products not searching and ordering them! Using the basic search, available on every page will search all product content such as descriptions, brand names, sizes and colours and return all the matching search results conveniently organised by product category (e.g. Premier Drop Spine Box - Tabbed).

The advance search allows users to narrow their search further to find the right product quickly as possible and returns results organised by product category.

I looked at a product a few moments ago, when I went back in to double check the availability the price had changed. Why has this happened?

All of our prices and stock availability information are displayed in real time, therefore whenever there is a price change the new information is immediately reflected on our website. Our system has been written in this way so that we can provide you with the correct information prior to you purchasing.

Once you have my email address and personal home/business address, is it your standard practise to send unsolicited mail?

Conservation by Design work on the strict principle that our customers only receive the things that they ask for. From the goods that you buy to the invoice you receive. Furthermore, once your data is with us we will not pass it on to any other companies.